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Looking for a place to relax and soak up the sun? Check out closest beaches to Sunset Beach Hotel.

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Discover a variety of beautiful beaches near Sunset Beach Hotel. From Wildwood city beaches to natural and hidden gems, Sunset Beach Hotel is close to plenty of attractions:

North Wildwood Beach

1 km away

North Wildwood Beach is a 32-mile stretch of sand and surf in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The beach is well known for its long, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The North Wildwood Resort, a popular tourist destination, is located on the beach. North Wildwood also offers several restaurants, amusement parks, and souvenir shops.

Stone Harbor Beach

6 km away

Stone Harbor Beach Wildwood is a beautiful stretch of sand on the Jersey Shore that's perfect for a day of relaxation. The beach has plenty of benches and umbrellas for visitors to enjoy, and there are also several restaurants and shops nearby if you need something to take the edge off. If you're looking for more excitement, there are plenty of amusement parks and ocean attractions nearby as well.

Poverty Beach

7 km away

Poverty Beach Wildwood is a unique coastal community in Wildwood, NJ. Located on the Jersey Shore, Poverty Beach Wildwood is a small, private beach community made up of low-income and homeless residents who have been displaced from other parts of New Jersey.

The residents of Poverty Beach Wildwood live in simple, shabby homes that are free from the constraints of ordinary life. There are no cars or televisions in the community, and residents are required to share only one common kitchen and bathroom. The only possessions that residents are allowed to own are their clothes and furniture.

Poverty Beach Wildwood is a unique coastal community that offers its residents an alternative to the cycle of poverty and homelessness. It is a peaceful place where people can escape the stresses of everyday life and connect with each other on a deeper level.

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